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  1. What’s New
    Version 3.0.0:
    • Fixed corrupted data after 2 weeks of using the program
    • Updated the main window to eliminate grid items height
    • Improved the searching and alphabetizing options
    • Added Korean and Indonesian languages
    • Revamped installer for more options in English, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish versions
    Improved Windows installer version for the updated 3.0.0 version.Carrefour in the Art

    Stephen Dro

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  2. There are many changes that improved and enhanced the performance of Windows Vista. Let’s discuss some of those changes:
    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) improves performance by addressing significant bottlenecks that have been discovered in Windows Vista. For example, Windows Vista SP1 improves the performance of file copying speed by 20 percent over Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2). The new SP1 patches are largely focused on improving file handling and reliability. The new SP1 patches

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  3. Less than a week ago, we launched the new version of RapidSP – the fastest and best browser extension for Facebook and other social networks – and that was part of our whole intentions – to continue to grow stronger, offer interesting new features and improve RapidSP for all our users.
    We made the app available for everyone, so all the features that you liked and used before you upgraded to the new version, you could access them.
    But we didn’t stop there – we

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  4. GrassFish

    GrassFish is an advanced photo management application focusing on scientific and educational applications and is used to explore, edit and share collected photos. Its unique and easy-to-use interface makes it a quick and easy application to work with digital images.



    LeafIt is a small application that is designed to be used while replacing the movie mode keys on a home theater remote control. It works as a java application.

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  5. The menus may be divided into different categories, so that certain items may be hidden from the clients.
    Printing clients’ receipts
    After the invoice is printed, you have the option to export the list of clients, who have to pay their bills in the desired format. The receipts list may be saved in the XLS or TXT file format. Moreover, the bills may be reviewed, edited or sent to the kitchen.
    How to install / uninstall FGS – RestaurantWe would like to be able to take applications for download from the internet. We will list applications that are currently available and appear to a casual browser to be

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  6. Overall, the app is quite good, despite certain negatives that may come up in some environments.Q:

    check EditText at multi-line

    I want to make a edit text in which user is writ 3 Line text only. I tried it. but it gave me a problem
    The error is “Sorry! The application android.widget.EditText{40a21c90 W/ComponentInfo{com.solin.pb [hidden]}} has not been declared

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  7. A folder can be dragged into this dialog to view its contents. When a folder is taken to the window with the existing open/save dialogs, the contents of that folder is displayed as a list of files within the dialogs. More options are available via the context menus. There are four type of lists displayed in the open/save dialogs:

    Recently used folders, as seen in the example below:

    Open/Save Folders, as seen in the example below

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  8. It’s also available for free, so don’t hesitate if you want to really have some fun with your disk format!

    Download Fat32Free 3.8.0

    213 Bytes – Screenshots – Free Download

    Related Software

    Free Windows 7 Disk Clean Up It’s time to clean up and organize your Windows 7 PC. Instead of having to remember where each and every file is, you can mark the files that need shredding. The system then has the

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  9. Although ReQrypt is a free solution, the developer only offers donation support and some tools need to be paid for. The ReQrypt FAQ does list some of the paid services that are covered by the program, but it’s unclear if they are complete or only partially available.
    In the marketplace, ReQrypt is available for macOS, Windows and Linux or supported desktop platforms. The iOS version is not yet available.

    Unlike their older version, which blocked access to a

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  10. VueScan app for scanning and managing Wi-Fi connected devices together with a Flexible print Services. VueScan Flexible print Services makes it possible to print and scan your documents, documents and images directly from these online services, so that the print document can include anything you might record onto it.

    October 03, 2015

    LifeSpan with XForm Builder is a small, easy-to-use XML-based business form builder. Use it to build, customize

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  11. Features in the software:
    * Shutdown the computer when the screensaver is active
    * Play your input file (full/half size)
    * Play your input file (original/double size)
    * Play your input file (menu points)
    * Set the start-up splash screen and video file with the same name. The screensaver will startup automatically the first time a video file is played.
    If you don’t like the default splash screen or video file, you

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  12. Sleek and lightweight user interface
    The application takes almost no time to install and it doesn’t come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually use it. It sports a clean and intuitive graphical interface with many useful tools at hand.
    Inventory Organizer Deluxe is a useful software solution that allows you to organize and manage your business or home inventories, you can use multiple database templates and it comes with a built-in Internet browser.
    Organize and

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  13. Q:

    Plotting a graph with varying dates but always the same x-value for each y-value

    I have a problem with this piece of code. I have an x-values (dates) and different y values. Then I want to plot this on a graph. Every y value is created according to a time period (=minutes), so every y value (the y-value) is created every second. My problem ist that I have data for every second

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  14. Your car is something you depend on for many things. Taking care of your car is very important. Because of this reason, it is vital that you take utmost care when driving. If you happen to be driving in tough weather conditions, then you will need to make sure you have a good Car Wiper Instalment deal. In this article, we will take a look at a few of the advantages of having the best car wipe system on the market. We will also put together some

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    See All View Widget Standings

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  16. Give it a try and let me know what your thoughts are.

    SwipeRefresh Project Overview

    Project Type :

    SwipeRefresh is an awesome feature that has been
    added to platforms like Android and iOS, but is usually
    only used on browsing websites that have custom urls.
    I was using the on-screen keyboard and found it
    quite annoying switching between applications a
    bunch of times. I decided to write a small
    utility that

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  17. On the other hand, its portability concept is worth the praise. However, the lack of further options could discourage some potential users.

    PhotoRec was introduced before any of us knew the existence of a free trial version. This is an application that can recover numerous files from completely corrupted disks. Along with Recuva, it’s one of the most popular recovery tools. It’s featured on system without internet connection too, and it’s backwards compatible as well. 05e1106874 gestakk

  18. Through small, highly efficient serialized scripts, you can easily streamline data transfer over high latency networks. The component also contains a highly optimized Json serializer, capable of handling large data sets (or even entire datasets) that would otherwise return during a typical load() request.Hooray for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

    This is the first deathless leader, a leader whose nation has known no other since Nehru. May we, all of us, benefit from his legacy 05e1106874 lorybla

  19. You can easily find current version by clicking “Full Screen” button.

    63.8/100 (7914 votes)

    Brass Compass

    Create visual voice for your fortune by following these steps:
    Create a monitor spreadsheet or whiteboard (Microsoft Works spreadsheet or whiteboard macro), fill it with numbers from 1 to 100 in the same order as the directions below. Use 1 or 2 to indicate a point between any 2 adjacent entries. Use a two digit number to indicate 8cee70152a vineer

  20. Apart from that, this software is pretty efficient, fast and reliable as well.
    Package $15.48
    HydraMouse 4.0
    by Nuendo Technologies Inc.
    HydraMouse is the best mouse button reassignment utility currently available. It offers a unique and extremely detailed configuration wizard interface, as well as flexible tools for fine-tuning the settings. This tool works on all your mouse, and is capable of making it work quicker, smoother and more comfortable. If you
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  21. Thank you.Q:

    “The best way to handle electrical power in a vehicle is to have a dedicated circuit.”

    One of my professors said, “The best way to handle electrical power in a vehicle is to have a dedicated circuit.” Can someone explain why this is the best way? Thank you!


    Thats really more like an afterthought, the best way is what will get you approved by the electrical safety inspectors. In particular this means
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  22. This is, and will only be true if light is hitting a surface and the light is bent the same amount every time it is bent. This is the case for cameras and also TVs, laptops and film cameras.
    Caustics can also be combined with other effects. Flare for example will also cause the light to be bent, making the bigger the flare angle, the more intense the caustics effect.
    Caustics are not just for the bottom of a pool. You can pick
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  23. Functional and clinical effects of thoracic sympathectomy in patients with Raynaud’s syndrome.
    32 patients with severe Raynaud’s syndrome were studied preoperatively and at 6 months follow-up. The sympathectomy technique was modified so that in 24 patients the sympathetic chain in the chest region was split in two, and in the other eight it was intramuscularly sectioned. The sympathetic unloading was performed ipsilateral to the hand affected by
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  24. Having said that, it’s still a great tool for freeing up RAM.

    File uploading and processing with gParted

    I have a problem with uploading a working image to the imgur site from Ubuntu 13.04 via gparted. I switched off network by pressing ‘wlan’ button on my Dell XPS 15z, then back to ‘wired’ and tried to upload’myimage.jpg’. But I’m not able to do that
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  25. Furthermore, DriveHQ Online Backup Enterprise Edition allows you to run a backup task in protected mode, within any regional account. If you work in a company, you may create backups with large file sizes and transfers to multiple servers. Moreover, it is possible to export all backups to CD, DVD or USB external storage.
    DriveHQ Online Backup Enterprise Edition is a simple and easy to use tool that allows you to back up your files and folders online. The software comes with a robust interface
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  26. While it lacks plenty of features, overall it is a straightforward application that is worth checking out.



    You need to be on version 1.02 or higher to use this, unfortunately our student members didn’t find this to be a useful test tool. Was probably a good app at one point but doesn’t have much of recent interest.


    How to record your tablet now?!?

    There are no permissions for this during the
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  27. CNET Reviews the best media center apps, including Plex, Kodi, Space, and more.

    In addition to compiling the ultimate list of the best media center apps, we also answer the questions:
    How do you use your media center app?
    Is it better to stream video or download it?
    Can smart device integration be key to your media center app?
    Would you prefer a streaming media center app?
    And much more.

    The date and time are not
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  28. The present invention relates to focus detection, and more particularly to a focus detection device provided in a camera equipped with a focus detecting system.
    In Japanese Unexamined Patent Publication No. H05-33712, there is disclosed a zoom lens having a frontmost lens group moved upon focus detection. In this lens having the frontmost focusing lens group in an interchangeable lens, in a state where the focusing lens group is located at a position away from an imaging plane, the focusing lens group
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  29. You can review the samples and read a reasonably detailed description of the format for yourself before trying out PADGen. It’s similar enough to PADGen to be very easy to use and get the hang of.
    The data model for the template PAD file is fixed. You don’t have to use the latest PAD version for the template. If you use an old version of PADGen, it will only generate new files up to the schema of version 0.6 and thus
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  30. 1881 Texas Volunteers

    The 1881 Texas Volunteers also referred to as the Swallows, a Patriot Guard unit, is a Texas Army National Guard unit that unit initially raised during the 1881 Texas Secession Crisis as a militia company that was federalized and federalized for the Spanish–American War. The unit is now listed on the Texas State Military Museum’s State and National Regimental Rosters and in the books Band of Brothers – Southwestern Brigade and The Last Full Measure, both
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  31. Save photo from any Android phones,
    desktop, HD, for free.
    It’s free, easy and fast.

    Time Circle



    This app is to generate a nice time circle automatically, just swipe up, down, left or right will be updated.



    color dials



    Choose between the 3 different dial styles!



    Time Wheel 2
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  32. KnobRotate(1.0) by Juggle Games is a jigsaw puzzle for Android. This game is also named ColorJigSaw, MeVs and Step.
    -Simple controls, touch and rotate.
    -More than 20 different 3D levels in 40 different shapes of puzzles.
    -Enjoy the amazing graphics, crystal clear animation, the colorful, vivid backgrounds.
    -Save your game state is on SD card, just with one touch,
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  33. Alas, if you are one of those using Windows XP and you want Flv To Mp3 Suite, then this may be too rich for your liking. You may get into problems with compatibility glitches.


    The editing program does not seem to have a support team and the reputation appears positive in terms of user services. Its support forums are extremely scarce, with zero received posts.

    Up-date frequency

    Flv To Mp3 Suite does
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  34. 3.

    Everyone can print

    Because you don’t need to bother with setting up the software or drivers, you can start printing from any device with just a single click.


    Cloud printing from smart mobile devices

    Built-in device drivers ensure that you can effortlessly print and scan files right from your smart mobile devices.

    High-speed and reliable

    ThinPrint features high speed printing technology, and can accommodate faster speed with
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  35. + safari IE5.5+ firefox3+
    Please Note: It has valid ‘@font-face’fonts script!
    NOTE :
    No doubt it will take time to better understand and feel how to use the code. You will be responsible and/or have to pay for it. Wishing you well.
    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.Meet the Community Owned Twilio’s Celery Stacker, a Built-
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  36. Prerequisites
    The WinDHCP requires no installation, it simply runs as a windows service. The only prerequisite is that you have administrative access to the machine that you wish to serve as a DHCP server.

    Configuring the WinDHCP to work on your network
    WinDHCP works by binding and listening on an interface, configuring the network settings, and acting as an agent for a DHCP server.
    For this example, assume that our network is 192.168.1
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  37. Track ID



    Last Post


    MDL904 mdl904

    MDL904 is the best Ultracine Babble sound synthesis plugin released by the Mega-Nerd on 06 April 2011. Ultracine Babble is a very sophisticated processor of audio contents. This plugin was built from MU(H)X modules, and these modules
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  38. Access Computer
    If your computer doesn’t access to internet, then it won’t download any update and most of a functions can not be works.

    System Requirements

    Software requirements

    System requirements

    Operating System

    Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP


    1GHz or better processor with SSE2 support is required


    512MB of RAM is required

    Hard Drive Space
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  39. Before purchasing it though, potential users should be aware that HashZilla will vary in terms of cost, starting from free for individuals, and by price for businesses.Charge-transfer fluorescent dyes with phosphorescent lifetime control for the measure of pH in plasmid DNA.
    An asymmetric charge-transfer fluorescence dye, N,N’-bis(2-methylbenzyl)-N,N’-bis(2′-pyridyl)perylene-3,4:
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  40. – simulation is easy as click – just drag and drop and edit!
    J3DWorkbench features include:
    * Import a wide variety of 3D file formats: DAE, PLY, COLLADA, OBJ, OFF, SKY, D3DF, FZI and many more. Imported objects can be freely moved, rotated, scaled, shared, and animated.
    * Fully supports DCCs and multiple camera views.
    * Autosave snapshots in
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  41. Network administrators can use it to perform bulk repairs and upload of profiles on specific computers. It can also act as a great troubleshooting tool for recovering a faulty network configuration from corrupt, lost or damaged profiles.
    Network Profiles Utility.
    LOUIS ROSIThis is the rarest knockout of the fight card on August 17.

    Calgary’s Jose Maria Velasquez received permission to fight WBO featherweight world champion Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan in
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  42. However, if you are looking for PC applications that include spring-loaded icons, we suggest you to try our dedicated article.

    Fast and Furious Collections – Faster Snapping

    By contrast, Faster Snapshots is a ready-to-use tool that helps you restore apps lost on your computer in a pinch, reverting them to their previous defaults.
    To use this utility, click the Start button and type the Fast and Furious Collection in the search field. That brings up the program
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  43. When enabled, a little icon appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. To disable God Mode, just rename the “God Mode” folder to something else.

    If you have a favorite application that you use a lot and you would like to create a live tile for it, here’s a simple way to do it.
    Step 1: Create a Live Tile (create tile)

    From the Metro interface (Windows 8 and 8.1) sw
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  44. Go dispatch proxy, on the other hand, detects when the proxies abruptly stop working so that they can be removed from the rotation automatically. While this can be a bit cruel, it is at the same time quite practical and it also mitigates the downtime impact the users could have.
    Apache Websockets, Microsoft Jet, MySQL and PostgreSQL represent only a few of the applications that Go dispatch proxy can be integrated with. There are, of course, a host of add-ons that can
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  45. So, go ahead and download it, unzip it and start sharing it! The housing, built during the 1920s, was designed to look like an Italianate villa with stucco and clay roofing on a redbrick base. The house was originally located on a small agricultural lot in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, until it was expropriated during the Second World War to accommodate refugees from Germany. At that time, it was relocated to Mueller and installed at its present
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